What Is A Conscious Relationship?


Have you ever wondered why some couples struggle with maintaining a relationship, but others see it as a piece of cake? This is because couples who have it easy in their relationship have a sense of purpose and conscious connection.

A conscious relationship is a romantic relationship that's created purposefully, decisively, and with intention. It’s a relationship where both partners feel committed to a purpose of growth - individual and shared.  It’s deciding to exist as two wholes sharing a path and the predominant feeling generated by this state of consciousness is joy, peace, love, and empowerment.

These relationships are formed with an awareness of the intentions, boundaries, and purposes that will define them. Cultivating a conscious relationship involves a lot of communication (internally and externally) and self-awareness, and both parties must be willing to grow together and personally improve.

In order to build a conscious relationship, we have to be ready and willing to do just that—build. Building is what conscious relationships are all about. They’re not about ego or passivity; they’re about the challenge that comes with watching love grow from the ground up. Is it a perfect linear path? Definitely not. The fact that it’s going to be difficult at times and challenge you is exactly what makes it worthwhile.

Elements of a conscious relationship:

Several elements are involved in a conscious relationship. These are the qualities that must be present for a relationship to be a conscious one. 

Responsibility - Responsibility involves being able to admit your faults, as well as to concede when you are wrong. And most importantly, to be willing to take responsibility for your growth. In a conscious relationship, you are 100% responsible for your 50% of your part of the relationship.

Growth - In a conscious relationship your baggage is brought to the surface so that you can learn to heal and grow through it. A growth-mindset acknowledges that there’ll be times of challenge and conflict in your relationship – it allows you and your partner to cooperate and face them as a united force.

Trust - When you choose to trust your partner, it allows you to put them and the relationship above your insecurities and their potential flaws. 

Forgiveness - Forgiveness tends to lead to conversations in which you can illustrate how you were hurt, and the other person can apologize and commit to doing better. Focus on forgiveness, healing, and growth as this will enable you to heal and help you both improve.

Autonomy - Remember that you are not a half, but a whole personAllow intimacy and autonomy to coexist within your relationship. This means that you and your partner to be free to disagree on various values or opinions, have your interests, and spend time apart. 

Appreciation - A relationship does not have to lose its spark. Remember to be grateful for all of the good parts of the relationship. 

It All Starts With You

To have healthy, well-defined conscious relationships, you have to start from within. When you are unhappy, no one else can make you happy - you need to find your internal happiness before looking externally. 

It is difficult to be honest with others, or dedicated to any improvements as a duo, if you cannot be honest to yourself or be willing to improve on your own.

Creating a conscious relationship starts with you. Every single relationship we have on Earth, starts with ourselves. And the moment we learn to value our time, our experiences, and who we are as an individual, and what we bring to the table - how we show up for our friends, family, our workplace - all of that is so integral in being able to attract the best possible relationships, no matter what stage we are in our lives.

A Conscious Relationship Starts With YOU will teach you how to truly value yourself so that you can attract in a partner from a place of abundance, love and knowing yourself inside out - from your values through to your alignment to what truly makes you unique and you happy. This course is broken down into mini masterclasses with a mix of self-tasks, homework, up-skilling tasks that you can go and work on for each individual masterclass.

Creating conscious relationships will let you become the best version of yourself. And that’s absolutely beautiful.

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