The Power Of Saying No: Nurturing Myself Through Boundaries & Empowerment

This is the first in our Glow Up series - a free wellness reset to rediscover alignment in ALL areas of your life. It’s time to flourish and get back on track following your true purpose. At Flourished & Fulfilled we know the key to living a life with purpose is to feel confident and clear in your values and vision. From your career, to your relationships and everything in between, we’ll be working together to bring the glow back into your life. The glow up is a personal and powerful exploration of all areas of your life, designed to help you feel less stuck, more motivated, on path and full of purpose.

The power of saying no is something that is learned through life experience and sometimes this can be a hard lesson to learn!
Feeling empowered to say no truly comes back to self-love and being able to set boundaries for yourself. When we think of self-love we think of the relationship we have with ourselves, how do  we keep this important relationship healthy and how does this lead to setting boundaries?

Sometimes it can feel like saying no is too hard and leads to a feeling of guilt and letting people down. Although this feeling can be hard to overcome, knowing your limitations and honouring them is empowering yourself and fostering self-love.

Saying no to a situation, decision or person is setting a boundary for yourself, once these boundaries are set you can confidently say no to anything that doesn’t align with you. 

Empower yourself to say no:

Set Boundaries 

Setting emotional and physical boundaries is the first step in empowering yourself to say no. This can lead to increasing confidence and a better understanding of self-worth. By setting boundaries you can be clear on what aligns with you. Read more about setting boundaries.

Make It Part of Everyday

This doesn’t mean saying no to something everyday, but it is important to remind yourself daily that you have that choice. Often we will say yes to something because we feel obliged, but you need to empower yourself and recognise that ultimately it is your decision to set boundaries on a daily basis. 

Loose The Guilt

Often the hardest part about saying no is the guilt that follows, this can come from feeling obligated to say yes. Empower yourself by setting boundaries and valuing your time and needs. The more you align with your self set boundaries the more confident you will feel saying no and this will help alleviate that feeling of guilt.

Saying no is an ultimate act of self-love! Learning your boundaries and honouring them is nurturing yourself and truly practicing self-love.

If you haven't already, try taking the time to journal as a way to set your intentions and boundaries. our Flourished and Fulfilled Journal is perfect for this! With chapters to reflect, assess and develop all areas of your life, this is a journal that will guide your journey of discovering what your true purpose is.

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