Sophie’s Top Reads For Motherhood

As a mother of four, I know first-hand the abundance of gratitude we as mothers have for our kids, but I also know the stresses and strains, and the feeling of ‘am I letting them down?’.

It is completely normal to feel like you are failing as a mother at one point or another. How do you make yourself as present as possible for your children given the load we carry as women? 

In order to flourish into the highest version of ourselves as an individual and as a mother, we need to continue to learn and expand our mindset. We also need to embrace self-love and recognise that it’s necessary (not selfish!) - we simply cannot pour from an empty cup. So, for this month’s top reads, I want to focus on books that give a realistic insight into motherhood, how to show up as the best version of yourself for your kids, and how to understand, listen and communicate better with your little ones. 

We’re so lucky to have so many words of wisdom and guidance at our fingertips - we need to embrace the opportunity to keep flourishing! However, I also know that, for some, reading doesn’t happen so easily - maybe you don’t know what to read, get bored or distracted easily, or believe you simply don’t have the time. To help, I've put together some of my top tips on how to fit more reading into your schedule - you can read them here. 

Below are some of my favourite motherhood-focused books that inspire self-love, transform family relationships, boost positivity, and encourage communication and trust.   

As insightful read for any parent. Children take their lead from their friends: being ‘cool’ matters more than anything else. Shaping values, identity and codes of behaviour, peer groups are often far more influential than parents. But this situation is far from natural, and it can be dangerous. This book offers practical advice on how to ‘reattach’ to sons and daughters, establish the hierarchy at home, make children feel safe and understood, and earn back your children's loyalty and love.

As a mum of two boys, I’ve found this book so useful and interesting. The processes and ideas in this practical guide will help you raise the man you want your son to be, as well as helping you learn more about the development of masculinity and how you can become a more compassionate, centred and effective parent.

Such an insightful read that includes interviews with experts, case studies and Amy's own tried-and-tested advice on how to reconnect with the woman you are underneath all that washing, cleaning and caring.Full of useful and empowering insights that will help you change the way you feel about motherhood - and yourself - so you and your whole family can flourish. 

Firmly grounded in the day-to-day reality of being a mother, Buddhism for Mothers discusses Buddhist teachings as applied to the everyday challenges of bringing up children. A great read if you want to become a calmer and happier mother.  


A must for every time-poor working mum who has had enough of the juggle. An eye-opening read that teaches you how to start putting yourself first and how to take control of your time once and for all. 


What’s your favourite book right now? Let me know in the comments below or reach out to me in the private Flourish & Fulfilled Facebook community.

Sophie x 

*Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.  

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