Set Your 2022 Goals | Free Goal-Setting Template

Are you ready to unleash your happiest, most purpose-driven you in 2022?

When it comes to manifesting and achieving a life you can’t wait to wake up to, you must start with setting goals. Your goals are what navigate your productivity to your success - they are the driver of your motivation and hold you accountable to keep going after what you truly desire.

Set yourself up for success for the year ahead and beyond with my free goal-setting template below!

Free 2022 Goals Template

👉 Download Your 2022 Goal-Setting Template

Use this goal-setting template to create goals for all areas in your life:

  • Personal Development - Maybe you want to buy a house in your favourite suburb, or buy yourself a particular model of car

  • Career - You may want to get that promotion that you’ve been working hard for, or start a new business venture

  • Relationships - Perhaps you’d like to go on a romantic date, reconnect with an old friend, build a stronger relationship with a family member, or meet a new like-minded friend

  • Health and Fitness - Maybe you want to lose weight, build your core strength, or eat a more balanced diet

  • Spirituality - Perhaps you want to make prayer a daily habit, write in a gratitude journal each day, or create more self-love rituals

  • Finance - Maybe you want to build an investment portfolio, set aside a retirement fund, or create a new saving plan

Whatever your goals may be, it’s important they align with your purpose. Many fail to achieve their goals because they don’t align their lives, their actions, and their thoughts with their goals. Take a look at these 5 tips to ensure your goals are in alignment. 

And for proven step-by-step formulas on how to break free of limiting beliefs holding your back from achieving your goals, and to ultimately discover your best self in 2022, I highly recommend joining my Find Your Purpose online course. Together, we will unlock your true potential so you can flourish and live the life you always dreamt of. Spaces are limited - secure your spot here

Remember, when you and your goals are in harmony, the results you want will come to you. 

I’d love to know what life-changing goals you have set so reach out in the comments below or on Instagram @flourishandfulfilled


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