How To Write A Burn Letter & Let Go

Writing a burn letter, either to yourself or someone else, is an energy healing ritual that can help you to release any emotions that may be holding you back, and help you to heal old wounds, pain or trauma that are no longer welcome in your mind, body and soul.

We all carry heaviness on a daily basis, whether it’s trauma related to past relationships, loss of a loved one, or from pain inflicted by others. Maybe it’s the struggles of work, your relationships with friends or family, or financial stress that is weighing heavily on your mind.

Whatever it looks like to you, this heavy load that you carry and hold onto can ultimately keep you from living your life as the best possible version of yourself. Without realising, you are hindering your chance of a life of living fully in the present, purposefully and in alignment. Only when you release can you truly move forward and shift to a positive vibration. This is where a burn letter can truly help. Essentially, you are expressing all your emotions, thoughts, worries, and fears, out of your mind and onto a piece of paper, and then lighting that sh*t up. I promise you, no ritual is stronger than writing down your deepest inner thoughts and then releasing that energy by watching it go up in flames.

I have talked a lot about my experiences and personal journey on my Flourish & Fulfilled with Sophie Guidolin podcast, and we all know I am a big believer in moon rituals as a chance to set intentions, and/or release and let go of any self-limiting beliefs, pain or trauma. While writing and releasing is a must for me on a Full Moon,  there is never a bad time to write a burn letter - it all comes down to YOU and when you feel ready to release. 

The letter you write will never be sent, and it won’t be read by anyone other than you. It is for your eyes ONLY. And, you don’t even need to read through what you wrote if you don’t want to, sometimes it can be more healing to just write freely with no intention of reading your own words, just getting everything out to release. There is only place this letter is going - up in flames.

So, what should you write in your letter?

If you are stuck with what to release or write, you could write a letter to yourself about the things you are worried about or want to rid yourself of (habits, negative thoughts etc), or write a letter to someone whose energy or friendship no longer serves you and you want to let them go. I used to do this a lot to ex-boyfriends, wishing them well but releasing them from my life.

Perhaps there is forgiveness that needs to be forgiven, or a goodbye that needs to be made. Whatever is heavy in your mind, body and soul, let it all out. There is no right or wrong here, just raw honesty. 

How to write your burn letter:

1. Grab a pen and paper and get comfortable. Allow yourself at least thirty minutes of alone time and ensure there aren’t any distractions. You need to be in a safe and comfortable environment where you can be freely vulnerable. 


2. Write your letter. Use our Moon Rituals Notepad (with a dedicated Full Moon Burn Letter space which can be torn off and burnt!), or grab a sheet of blank paper. Let everything out - don’t filter or judge yourself for whatever you are writing. Remember, this is for you only. Your feelings are yours and you are allowed to feel how you are feeling. If you struggle to get started, start with some prompts, such as ‘How am I feeling right now?’, ‘What negative memory/situation/relationship do I need to let go?’, ‘What would make me happy?’, ‘Who or what is no longer serving me?’.


3. Once you have finished your letter, it’s time to burn it. You don’t want it to exist anymore, so you have to get it out of this universe. 

Please remember safety here - you can use a fire-safe container, an ashtray, an empty kitchen sink, your fireplace, but please do so with extreme caution. If you prefer, you can also cut up your letter with scissors or tear it into tiny pieces - the point is to destroy the letter somehow.

If you feel resistance, that’s completely normal. You have held onto this heavy weight for a long time and not knowing what comes next can seem daunting. But remember, if you are ready to write it all down, then you are ready to release it. 


4. Watch your letter burn and embrace the emotions that arise. If tears come, let them flow openly. You are releasing, you are letting go, you are healing. You have taken the next step towards a happier, lighter you. Burning that letter is a way of showing yourself that you will no longer let that hurt or fear control you. You should feel so proud of yourself. As your letter turns to ash, let go for the final time and make room for the new possibilities coming your way. Do whatever feels right in that moment - whether it’s to dance out your energy, journal your emotions, or meditate to bring yourself back to a state of calm. 

5. Now that you’ve let go, think of what you want to bring in. Is it joy? Love? Peace? Think of your word or your mantra and hold onto it - bring it to your awareness frequently. You are bringing that positive energy into your life and it is going to be magical. 


Remember, you can repeat this practice however often you need to. You have to keep going until you get it all out. Whether it’s every week, every month, or even every day, just keep writing until you notice a change in your tone and you feel a shift in your energy. When you observe the shift, that’s when you’re healing. Your empathy will begin to increase, and you come to a point where you achieve acceptance. That’s when you know the conflict is resolved.

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