How To Set New Year Intentions

As the new year creeps up on us, it’s very easy to feel the excitement rise. After the year that we all had, looking to the new year can seem like the safe haven we have all been desperately needing.

But, how do we make sure that 2022 doesn’t fall flat?

We don’t have control over what obstacles life throws in our path, but we can control our actions. By setting intentions and keeping them close, we can facilitate the path that we choose.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” - Benjamin Franklin

Living your life intentionally is the key to living your life with purpose. It pushes you further towards your most wanted goals and makes success feel all that more sweeter.

  • Determine What You Want

In order to set up your new year's intentions, you must decide what it is that you want. And be specific - being vague just won’t cut it here. Going into the new year blind and hoping for the best is the best way to come up short. 

What kind of year do you want to have? Connect with the elements of your life that are most significant to you and bring you the greatest joy, satisfaction, and energy. What gives you passion and fills you with a sense of purpose? Listen to that inner voice. It connects you to truth and deeper meaning. 

  • Align Intentions With Values & Beliefs

Living with intentions is living with a purpose. In order to make a solid plan with how you want to direct your year, you have to align it with what’s most important to you - your core values.

Prioritise what you find that you value the most - list it out and see where your intentions lie.  

  • Create A Vision

Now that you know what you want out of your year, and you’ve created a plan that aligns with your personal beliefs and values, you now have to get it out of your head and in front of you.  

Dreams come alive most when you can see them. This could be through your journal, creating a Pinterest board dedicated to what you want out of 2022, or even creating your very own vision board. Put it somewhere that you can see every single day.

This is you creating a physical plan. 2022 is just a piece of your imagination right now, but by getting it into a physical form - it becomes something you can construct. 

  • Keep Track

Make sure to keep track of your progress. You can also enlist an accountability partner - checking in with someone is a great way to keep you on track with your intentions. 

Rewarding yourself every step of the way is crucial. One of the causes of dropping goals for the new year, is not enough people give themselves a reward for their hard work. Remind yourself how amazing it is that you're going after your goals by setting up something special for yourself in the new year. Celebrating the little victories along the way will help you stay on track and reach your goals in the long run.

Get creative and make sure it is a reward that best suits YOU and will keep you pushing all year long. 

Key Thoughts

Make your new year the year that you deserve by setting yourself up for success. 

In order to make it into what you want, you have to start before it comes. Make the necessary changes, construct a plan, and watch as the magic unfolds in 2022.


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