How To Ensure Your Goals Are In Alignment

A new year is upon us, and so is the time to set new goals and intentions for the year ahead and beyond.

But how do you ensure that you stick to your goals, and don’t let your motivation fizzle out halfway through the year? The key to success and reaching your ultimate purpose is keeping your goals in alignment. 

Most people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t align their lives, their actions, and their thoughts with their goals. When you and your goals are in harmony, the results you want will come to you. The importance of keeping your goals in alignment is that the result leads to immense growth, and motivation. It results in you staying on track and keeping inspired. 

Watch your life become what you wish for by implementing these powerful habits. Here are 5 tips to ensure your goals are in alignment:

1. Clear vision on your goals 

In order to begin, you need to create a clear vision on what your goal is. What are you working so hard to accomplish? This could be many goals, but I’d recommend starting with a few that you could break down. 

You have to determine what you want most out of your life - Financial success? A big family life? To finish school? Be specific to yourself. What do you value the most? Ask yourself those tough questions until you can fully see what your biggest goal is. 

Remember, it’s vital to take stock of your core values before setting up your goals. Your core values are what will hold you accountable and ensure that whatever your goal is, it is in alignment with what you believe is important. 

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, but Health isn’t one of your core values, then your habits, motivation, and drive won’t be enough to fuel the weight loss simply because, at the deepest level, you don’t believe it is important enough.


Goal alignment across all areas of life with all your values is a significant step before you can start working toward them.

2. Creating a productivity plan to keep you on track

Next, you need to write down a plan. A plan is essential for cultivating the perfect pathway for your goals. Take your big goal and split it up into steps you’d need to accomplish in order to accomplish what you want. 

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed or get discouraged when looking at your big goals. But, the trick is to break it up into small, specific steps that will move you in the right direction. Begin by listing at least one action to take in the next week. Schedule a time to do it. This is part of living with greater intention, both at work and at home.

It’s important to remember that since these are your goals, and your tasks, make them work for you

3. Check in with your goals 

Assess how you’re doing against your goal. Keep a focus on your values. Decide what actions you’ll take that week toward achieving your goal. Set new milestones as needed. Start every day with a “To-Do” list and make sure that you have one or two tasks that reflect on your big goal. 

The goal is to make your tasks such a habit that you start crossing off your steps in no time. Yes, this process takes time. Choosing and planning your goals — and making sure your goals align with your values — is hard work. The rewards, however, are priceless.

4. Schedule breaks

In order to keep your motivation up and make sure that you stay inspired, you must listen to your body. There will come times of stress or needs for a break - listen to that feeling. The last thing you would want is to burnout and lose your alignment all together.

It’s 100% okay to slow down and take your time. Your success is a journey. There is no need to hurt yourself or stress yourself out. As long as you are creating a basis to go back to, it’ll be okay to take a moment to yourself.

5. Feel connected with your goals

Sometimes, if you are on your journey and it feels like you are not inspired or feeling fulfilled - it might mean you have to reassess your answer. Check in with your goals. It might mean changing them, and that’s okay. The universe will never steer you in the wrong direction. 

In contrast, check back in with your goals and if you are feeling enlightened and motivated to keep going - this will only strengthen your intuition and keep you inspired. 

Feel connected and continue to communicate with your goals. This will keep them strong and aligned. 

Things to remember

Take note often with how you are feeling about your goals. Make sure that you know what you are working so hard for. Allow yourself to see the vision clearly. 

Never stop working at your goals but also, listen to your mind and body if it calls to rest. It’s okay to step away sometimes, however don’t let your ‘later’ become your ‘never’. Here are some ways to help you curb any excuse-making behaviour. As long as you regroup and connect with your goals, you can remain on the path to your purpose.

Fully submerge yourself in your goals. Do not take them lightly. They will give you the sense of purpose, and fulfillment that we all crave so much out of life. 

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