How To Consciously Shift A Negative Mindset

 When you are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or feeling unmotivated, it can be all to easy to slip into a negative mindset. Your self-talk transitions to words of fear, doubt and uncertainty, your emotions slide further down the Emotional Guidance Scale, and your actions no longer gravitate you towards your goal, but pull you back. Firstly, I want to remind you, it’s ok - you are not alone. We have all felt ourselves in a negative spiral - it’s how you pull yourself back up and into your true happiness again that matters. For me, I acknowledge how I’m feeling, and embody, embrace, surrender, and work through the emotions so that I can deliver a better strategy to get through these situations. I truly believe that life changes when we are in true awareness of our state of mind.

To release ourselves from that negative mindset, we need to make a conscious decision to live with love. Below are some strategies that I use to help overcome overwhelm, anxiety, and allow myself space to get back to myself and change my mindset.


Embody love

Make a promise to live a whole day with nothing but love, light and kindness. Embrace gratitude for everything in your life, and every person or relationship you have. Try messaging every single person who means so much to you and tell them how important they are to you. By doing so, you are shifting to a place of gratitude and switching from a  I can’t’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ negative mindset to a ‘I’m already there. I’m flourishing already’ and ‘I am love, I am light’ positive mindset.

Embrace your support group

The people around you are there to hold your hand, encourage you, and remind you how truly magical you are when you are in those negative spirals, so listen to them! Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your feelings - allow those who mean the most to you into your emotional space so they help you find actionable steps and strategies that will help shift your mindset. 

Reflect on areas of your life

Self-reflection can be so healing. Look deeper into the areas that are working for you. What were the steps you took to get good in those areas? For example, if you excel in your career, what strategies got you there? Is it taking a Sunday off with your family, to ensure you’re refreshed for the office on Monday? Dig deep into what has found you happiness in other areas of your life, and see if you can implement similar strategies or steps to other aspects of your life, such as your Relationships, or Health and Fitness. Run those same patterns - for example, take a rest day to ensure when you return to the gym you’re refreshed for your session.

Choose your emotions

The incredible thing about the mindset is that every emotion or sensation that we have, we have a choice to feel them. We have an entire decision every single time we absorb information, receive a text message, see an ex or old friend - we choose the emotion or sensation we want to have in our body. This may be triggering, as we all have different situations in our life. However, our mindset is in complete control of our emotions and sensations we choose to feel. When you own that, that’s how you take back control of how you wish to feel. That is so powerful. When you make a conscious decision to choose love and what’s going to be right for you, then you’ll be able to make decisions from a heart-centred place.

Write it all out

When you feel an emotion, write it down. Explore further as to what triggered that emotion, dig deeper into why you may be feeling that emotion, and ultimately your action steps to progress that emotion up the Emotional Guidance Scale towards joy and happiness. 

Take space for yourself

In order to have peace, creativity, and to be able to honour yourself, you need to have space.

The best part about owning your mind, having a conscious life, is that you are actually in charge to determine how you want life to go. The best part about that, is you can then design the life you want to lead. So if you feel you’re currently in a negative spiral, I encourage you to create space. Creating space and spending that time with yourself is something that I encourage within the Manifest Magic In 10 Days. Spending just an hour to yourself each day can be an entire game-changer and a chance to really give back to yourself. If you’d like to find out more and join the next Manifest Magic In 10 Days, we start Monday 28 February 2022. You can join for free here >

I hope these steps have helped. What helps you consciously shift from a negative mindset? Leave a comment below and let me know. 

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