Episode #53 - Speaking In Tongues & Being Raised Religious

In this episode, Andrew is back and this time we deep dive into what it was like for both of us to grow up in strict, conservative households with strong religious beliefs. (It is very important to note that this is our individual, personal experiences and although we do not practice now, many people close to us in life still do and we adore them!)

✨ Breakdown of the Episode:

- What is Jehovah's Witness (Sophie)

- What is 'Pentecostal' (Andrew)

- What is 'speaking in tongues'

- Internal conflicts with growing up with religion

- The pressures + the why

- Feeling like an outsider

- School




Host: Sophie Guidolin
Guest: Dr Andrew Firgaira
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Executive Producer: Tamara Burns 

Technical Producer: Sammi Brew
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