Episode #34 - My Meditation Maverick Isn’t Your Stereotypical Teacher

In this episode, I am talking to Janoah Van Kekem who says 'I ain't no f*cking robe wearing guru... but I will teach you how to meditate consistently'. And that's pretty much the best way to describe this week's episode. This week, Janoah gives his best tips on how to mediate and also opens up about his journey with anxiety, his relationship with masculinity and his destructive partying lifestyle from his youth.

 Breakdown of the Episode:
How Janoah & I know each other
Fire Questions
Janoah opens up about his past
How Janoah became a meditation coach
Why Vedic meditation?
Benefits of meditation
How to encourage men who are not interested in meditation

📖 My Book Worm:
You're Not Broken by Sarah Woodhouse
Janoah: Lost Connections by Johann Hari

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