Christmas Gift Guide

The festive season is upon us, which means it’s time to find that magical gift for the Queens in your life.

No matter your budget, or whether you're shopping for your mum, bestie, sister or colleague, we’ve gathered the ultimate gifts of self-love and discovery to help your loved ones de-stress and recharge this Christmas and beyond...


Bundles Of Love Gifts | 2021 Christmas Gift Guide | Flourish & Fulfilled

This special bundle of love is a thoughtful and oh-so-chic pick for any of the girls on your list who deserve to give themselves some undivided 'me-time'.

Our luxe self-love box selection is the ultimate gift of positivity, love and self-discovery. Inside this magical keepsake box your Queen will find all the tools she needs to unwind, feel empowered, and create the highest version of herself. Includes Flourish & Fulfilled Journal, Conversations That Matter Cards Set, Gratitude Pad, and More Than Words. 

Gifts Of Self-Discovery | Christmas Gift Guide | Flourish & Fulfilled

Gifts that keep on giving? Yes please. Help your loved one on their journey to living a life of pure fulfilment with our gifts of self-discovery.

Set your Queen on the path to living her dream life. This 10 day course will help her to ask the universe for what she wants (a promotion, a date, a new friend, anything!), smash any doubts surrounding her goals, and align her life with her true desires.

Is your girl ready to level up her life? Surprise her with the ultimate self-discovery bundle which will allow her to set healthy boundaries, discover her true self, elevate her relationship with herself, and find the gratitude in everyday. Included four self-paced courses. (Total RRP $396 but enrol in all four to receive 25% OFF!)

Go big and treat your loved one to the ultimate gift of self-discovery with our Find Your Purpose online course. With instant, worldwide, and lifetime access, your Queen will have all the tools she needs to discover the best version of herself and ultimately create the life she's always desired. 

Give the gift of choice with the digital Flourish & Fulfilled Gift Card. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Your digital gift card can be redeemed for any Flourish & Fulfilled product, even our Manifest Magic In 10 Days course. Simply choose your preferred value amount, add a personalised message and give a gift that inspires purpose, alignment and fulfilment. 


Gifts Under $30 | Christmas Gift Guide | Flourish & Fulfilled

Whether you need a little something for your work colleague, neighbour, or as a stocking filler, these gifts under $30 prove that you don't need to spend a fortune to spoil your loved ones with a little luxury this year. 

Help your Queen to intentionally live a life they love through the art of being present and living consciously. This is the ultimate blueprint to discovering how to become aware and live in the now. Featuring a collection of mindfulness focuses, practices and tasks, this self-paced program will show your loved ones how to shift their mindset and live more fully in the moment. 

We all forget to appreciate the little moments sometimes, but with this handy A5 planner your girl can easily keep on track with her goals, affirmations, acts of kindness, and daily practices of gratitude.

Filled with uplifting and motivating quotes and mantras, this is the perfect book to motivate and encourage anyone to dream big and chase dreams.

Gifts Under $100 | Christmas Gift Guide | Flourish & Fulfilled

'Tis the season to treat your BFF to self-care rituals that will elevate her sense of self, inspire her to chase dreams, and guide her journey to a life of pure fulfilment.

This luxury linen keepsake trigger journal, self-development guide & workbook, is a creative space to be open, honest and vulnerable daily. With chapters to reflect, assess and develop all areas of life, this is a journal that will guide her journey of discovering true purpose.

Explore beyond the small talk and use these beautifully designed cards to dive into thought-provoking topics that will deepen your relationship with your significant other, friends, and loved ones. Get to know each other on a new level with 55 conversation starter cards, which invite you to open up about themes such as love, money, family, self-knowledge, desires, the past and future, the meaning of life, and so much more. Limited stock available!

Embrace gratitude, harness the energy of the moon, and explore the meaning of your dreams. This magical bundle includes three powerful notepads, all which allow you to reflect and introspect within yourself so that you can continue to live in alignment with your true self. These reflection rituals will connect you deeper to your subconscious, inspire you to move forward with intention, and help you to manifest the life you truly desire. This is the ultimate gift of gratitude, connection and self-discovery.

Most Popular Gifts | Christmas Gift Guide | Flourish & Fulfilled

 Add a little more relaxation, positivity and mindfulness to their day with some of our best-selling gifts. 

These ritual sheets are the perfect addition to your Queen's manifestation routine and are a dedicated space to connect with the moon and its powerful phases. This 60-leaf notepad is complete with moon phases, New Moon and Full Moon rituals, and space for a Full Moon Burn Letter, where you can write down everything that isn't positively serving you and rid it from your life by tearing off and burning it.

With chapters to reflect, assess and develop all areas of life, this linen-bound journal will guide a powerful journey of self-discovery.

This planner is designed to be a creative space to reflect, embrace gratitude, and to help inject a little more calm, joy and mindfulness into each and every day. 

These beautifully designed cards provoke discussion that will raise smiles, open hearts, build friendships and foster the best kind of intimacy. They’re the perfect way to spice up a date night, or inject some fun to an evening with the girls. Leave them on your coffee table and pick them up instead of the TV remote.


Please remember that shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can!

What are you treating your loved ones to this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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