A Guide To Prioritising Self Care in Motherhood

Motherhood is such an important time in anyone’s life. It can be beautiful, overwhelming, stressful and many other emotions. The priorities in your life often shift during motherhood and you might find yourself pushing your own self care to the side to focus on your family. Although it can be hard to do, this is an important time to make sure you are prioritising your own self care. Here are some tips to put into practice.

Start Small

It can seem overwhelming and frankly unachievable to start practicing self care during the business of motherhood, but taking small steps towards self care is all you need to start. This can be as small as reading a chapter of your book before bed each night or getting up 15 minutes early to have a coffee before the family wakes up. Self care looks different for everyone, so find little practices that work for you.

Recognise the Power of Saying No

Motherhood is the perfect time in your life to learn how to set boundaries. Learn to say no to things that don’t align with you during this time in your life. Often our lists of obligations as mother’s is long enough, without taking on things that don’t align with our priorities. Read more about the power of saying no in our journal here and learn how to set boundaries in your life with our online course.

Lean On Your Support Network

Creating a support network during motherhood is so important! These are the people you can turn to when you need help and support. Although it may not seem like it, creating a loving support network during this time in your life is an essential act of self care. Don’t be afraid to ask these loved ones for help when you need it, asking for help is often one of the hardest things to do. Accept any help offered and be open to receiving love and support from your network of friends and family.

Prioritise Your Health

It may be pushed to the back of mind at one of the busiest times in your life, but proritising your health is one of the most important acts of self care. Taking time to create a relaxing night time ritual to set yourself up for quality sleep. Relax your mind 30 minutes before bed time - try journaling, reading or meditation. Create a journaling ritual before bed with our beautiful Flourish & Fulfilled Journal. Another simple way to proritise your health during motherhood is by focusing on your nutrition. Making sure you always have fresh, nutritious food on hand is the ultimate act of self care.

Prioritising self-care in motherhood is a necessity. Remember, you deserve love and care as much as anyone! Embrace self-care, and let it be a source of strength to help you navigate the beautiful journey of motherhood with positivity and love.

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