6 Signs You’re Not Living In The Moment

You may know you are supposed to live in the moment to feel fulfilled, but do you actually know how to live in the present tense? Or are you just stumbling along blindly? To help you figure out whether you are embracing everything you have here and now, here are six signs that you are not living in the present:

  • Your thoughts race all the time

A sign of being in your head is getting lost in thought as you lay awake at night. Chances are, the same thoughts distracting you from sleeping are also distracting you from valuable experiences in your waking life. Try to pay attention to the rhythm of your breath, the feel of your blanket, or other physical sensations. This will also help you fall asleep.

  • You can’t remember what you last ate

The way you experience a meal is the perfect tests of mindfulness. You could enjoy all the distinct flavours, textures and ingredients, or you could have absolutely no recollection of what you’ve just eaten because you were in your head the entire time. Enjoying all elements of your meal - what’s on your plate, where it came from, the emotions it brings - is a great way to embrace mindfulness. Try to eat slowly without any distractions and taste, smell, and see everything.

  • You stress about continually moving forward

Whether you are stressing about future payments or life in general, the anxiety you feel is a prove that you are overthinking something you have no control over. Instead of worrying about something that may or may not happen tomorrow, you need to remember that there is a life worth living today. One way to combat this future-thinking-related stress is to remember that the point of goals is to enjoy the journey. Do not get as rigid in your thoughts to put all the weight of your life on getting into that school or getting that job. When the present means less than the future, you are simply not existing in the Now.

  • You avoid situations where things could go wrong

Avoiding conflicts is akin to stay in your comfort zone. Sometimes, we stay in our own heads because it feels safer than throwing ourselves into experiences. If you avoid social situations, new work opportunities, and other experiences because you feel something could go wrong, you may be keeping yourself in a bubble. You also may not be putting it all out there when you do find yourself in these situations. In order to be more present, you need to feel awkward sometimes. Rather than avoiding social situations, such as networking parties, go to them. Engage with others. Take risks. You will feel so much alive and aware when you drop the walls.

  • You are hooked on technology

Prefer your phone to the company of people? It may be time to take a digital detox. Social media, notifications, text messages, and what not definitely are not living in the present. Rather, technology detracts from it. When you are actually living in the moment, you will be hyper-aware of the people around you. You will be able to read faces, body language, and energy. Yet, when technology beckons you to take a photo of your food rather than watching your friend’s face light up with their first taste, you are truly missing out on the “present.” Remember, your phone is not your friend. It is an instrument to connect you with your friends.

  • You’re bad with names

Being forgetful with names is often the result of not paying attention. When you aren’t present, you aren’t truly listening. The more present you are to each moment (and to the person you’re speaking to), the more you’ll remember. 

Final thoughts

Being present in the moment has so many benefits and it essentially equips you with the tools to distinguish between what is truly important and what isn’t. And, most of all, learning how to be present will help you live with passion and purpose.

If you’re not experiencing each moment of your day, are you truly spending your time wisely? It’s time to start practicing how to be more present – right now.

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