5am Thrive Club & how to use the Intentional living planners!

You may have heard of the best selling book the 5am club, by Robin Sharma before. Our adaption is one in which some may consider more simple;

Spend time working on YOU. At any time, but make it the same time each day, everyday. Develop it into a ritual. Pour into your own cup. Start at just 10 minutes and build until an hour each day is spent on YOU. 

Do you work ON or IN your life currently?

If you don’t know the answer to this, let me help assist you further. When was the last time you thought about personal growth? Set aside time to meditate, get a message, read a book or do something (ANYTHING!) for yourself?

If you are now realising you may be pouring from an empty cup, then the 5am Thrive Club maybe for you! 

I will start by saying, it doesn’t have to be at 5am, but this seems to be the easiest way that busy women can establish a routine around work, children and other commitments. 

Firstly, by setting aside just 10 minutes a day to determine our intentions for the day, have a clear direction of where we want the day to go and how success is determined for us on this day- this allows us to boost self esteem. Self self is developed when we set, and keep, small promises to ourselves everyday. 

If you want to be like the top 5%, you need to stop acting like the 95%.

Let’s make the change together. 

There are no right or wrong ways to spend this time, as long as it is working ON your life, not just IN your life. 

An example would be spending this time journaling, meditating, walking, listening to a podcast, or reading a self development book. It could be writing your goals, or doing a relationship reflection. 

An example of working in your life is the washing, school lunches, work or other activities we deem as important in our day to day. 

The other key thing that makes a big shift is setting small goals each day and achieving them!

If you haven’t already got the intentional living notepads, these are beyond powerful in achieving these results. 

Setting an intention is like an overarching goal for your day, one in which you can embody the emotional feeling attached to that goal. 

An example could be “I my boss to acknowledge my hard work” But the emotion is to feel appreciated. 

So today’s intention and thus mantra could be “I am appreciated in all things” 

If you are struggling with a daily intention, head to your app and click your affirmation screen for some inspo! 

Withyour daily tasks, ensure they are achievable and if not completed, carried across to the following day. 

When you start to establish this as a daily ritual, you will very quickly notice the changes flow on in all areas of your life! 

Enjoy this process and the new found YOU time! 

Grab your intentional living planner now! 

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