3 Ways To Calm Your Body & Mind

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? If you answered 'yes' and you're in need of fast-acting ways to calm your body and mind, don’t worry. There are some quick and easy things you can do to cope.

It’s more important than ever to be kind to yourself, to check in and listen to your body,  and to make self-care a priority. Learning how to relax your body and mind in tough times can bring a multitude of benefits for your health and wellbeing. So when your thoughts seem to be swimming, here are 3 powerful ways to calm your body and mind in an instant.

  • Deep Breathing

Our breathing is a powerful way for us to regulate our emotions - especially if you’ve been feeling tense, agitated, or overwhelmed lately. Through your breath, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system—the calming response in your body. When we know how to work with our breath, we can change so much - our mood, panic attacks, insomnia, and even blood pressure. One of the most calming breathing exercises you can do is to breathe in deeply to a count of four, hold, and then breathe out for up to twice as long (e.g., to a count of six or eight). 

There are a variety of breathwork practices available depending on your mood or day. Get started with some guided breathing cycles in the new Flourish  & Fulfilled App. 

Listen to this episode of my Flourish & Fulfilled podcast with my friend and breathwork coach Nicola Laye to find out more on what breathwork is, how it can reduce stress and release trauma, and how to start using the breath. Listen here > 

  • Guided Meditation

Meditation is such a powerful practice for the mind and can help us focus, shift negative thoughts, and regain a sense of calm. Spending 10 minutes each morning with your own thoughts can do wonders for the day ahead. You’ll find you’ll be able to focus and fight distractions a lot easier. Meditation can clear your mind from thoughts that are stressing you, and over time, regular meditation has been found to help you be less reactive to stress, and more resilient in the face of your stressors.

Not sure where to begin? Choose from a variety of guided meditations in the new Flourish  & Fulfilled App. 

  • Get Outside

We all need a break now and again, and even a small one can help your mind and body to relax and recharge. Ditching the comfort of your home for some one-on-one with nature is a great way to implement self-care and improve your mental and physical health. Not only will the fresh air help calm you down, but also the change of scenery can sometimes interrupt your anxious or angry thought process. Similar to meditation, spending time out of doors benefits the brain. Enjoy a walk in nature, take your home workout outside in the garden, or go grab an ice cream with a friend.

Once you've discovered how to calm yourself, you should experience less overall stress, anxiety and overwhelm. The next step is learning how to maintain a state of calm and how to relax again quickly after you deal with future stressors. Try implementing regular self-care habits to step up your self-love game.

What helps you to calm your body and mind? Leave a comment below.


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