15 Questions To Get To Know Your Partner Deeper

How well do you truly know your partner? Not just their favourite colour or which footy team they support, but deeply know them - what are their desires, regrets, dislikes, and dreams?

Every relationship is unique. Getting to know your partner on this deeper level isn’t to undermine or highlight any flaws in the relationship, but to enhance your connection and simply point any areas that may need improvement or strengthening in order to get you through both the good and the bad times. 

Stop for a moment and think back, when was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your partner? Taking the time and energy to have an open and honest conversation can bring couples closer by building trust, mutual understanding and compassion. Not only that, but it can help relight the spark in your relationship and bring back those ‘first-date’ feelings. Asking the deep questions allows both you and your partner to be vulnerable, by practicing active and empathetic listening, which ultimately reveals a lot about each other’s characters, values, past and goals for the future. It’s an exciting growth opportunity to learn more about your partner and yourself, allowing your love to grow stronger and thrive.

“Communication is the lifeline of any relationship” - Elizabeth Bourgeret

Getting to know your partner deeper can be as simple as asking 1-3 questions on your next date, when you sit down for dinner, or instead of watching television. You can also begin with some, or all, of the questions I’ve listed below or create your own. Remember, there are no rules - this is your relationship and it’s all about finding what works for you and your partner.

15 Questions To Get To Know Your Partner Deeper

  1. What does your perfect day look like?
  2. If you could give advice to your younger self, what would you say?
  3. How would you describe our relationship in one word?
  4. What has been your biggest blessing in disguise?
  5. What do you think a healthy relationship should provide for the people in it?
  6. Do you have any habits you want to change?
  7. How do you want to be remembered?
  8. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from previous relationships?
  9. What is your love language?
  10. What are the things I do that really turn you on?
  11. How do you deal with negative emotions?
  12. What did you find challenging about your childhood, and how did you overcome it?
  13. What in your life makes you feel most grateful?
  14. Is there anything you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? What’s held you back?
  15. Do you need anything more from me in our romantic relationship?

Ultimately, when it comes to building a maintaining a strong relationship with your partner, communication is paramount. The more time you spend getting to know each other on a deeper level, the stronger the foundation of your relationship will be. 

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